Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New Delicious Darkness Challenge #1

I am Super Excited to announce that the very first challenge over at The Delicious Darkness Challenge blog has now gone LIVE................... A brand new 'dark side' challenge blog featuring Delicious Darkness images!..............And I am soooo Excited to be on the Design Team YAY!!!!!!! So for our first challenge it's anything goes folks as long as it Dark and not Cute. You may enter any type of papercraft creation but it MUST be a dark/gothic/alternative creation.
The Challenge runs from the 13th of every month to the 10th of the next so there's plenty of time to play and get creative.
 So folks for my first project as a Design Team Player I decided to create a Coffin Box and Pendant to go Inside. I started off with a Tando Creative 3d Coffin box. Once assembled I applied Delicious Darkness Beastly Paper to cover the coffin Lid.  Decoart Media Crackle glaze was then applied and once dry Decoart Media Antiquing cream was applied and the wiped back to reveal all the lovely cracks. A coat of DecoArt Media Matte Varnish was then applied to seal. A centrepiece was then Die Cut using black glitter card and attached strategically to the coffin lid. A final embellishment of  Delicious Darkness Rams Skully was resized in photoshop to fit on top of the Glitter Embellishment as the main Focus. To finish black satin ribbon was applied around the top edge of the Coffin Lid. The Base of the coffin was then given a coat inside and out of DecoArt Media Acrylic paint in black and when dry Finished with a coat of DecoArt Media Matte Varnish to protect. Now onto the pendant which is to be housed inside the coffin box. Delicious Darkness Rams-Skully was resized in photoshop to fit the pendant base. Glued into place and then DecoArt Media Liquid Glass applied. This is amazing stuff as it drys to a clear glass like resin finish and can also be used to create dimensional elements on your projects. Once Dry the pendant was then strung on a black leather  and Grey sheer ribbon thong to finish. A stylish but Gothic in nature gift. I do hope you will join us over on the Delicious Darkness Challenge blog.
Coffin Box and Pendant.
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Hugs Fiona.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Macabre Monday- Ferocious Furballs.

Ferocious Furballs
is the new challenge theme. Interpret it any way you'd like,
just make sure an animal of some sort, is involved in some way.
Maybe use a gruesome guinea pig, or some wicked waterfowl
as your inspiration. Who knows, maybe a macabre muskrat
and a catatonic coon hound are more to your liking.
Make it weird, wacky, scary or clinical.
Just don't make it cute!!
For my contribution to the challenge I decided to alter a frame and Turn it into a shrine. I first coated the wooden frame with two coats of Gesso and when dry sanded back to create a smooth Surface. I then applied DecoArt Media Modelling paste through an Andy Skinner Stencil ( Code- Breaker ) to the frame sides and Top. Once dry two coats of DecoArt Media Acrylic paint in black was applied to the whole of the frame inside and out. Decoart Media Crackle glaze was then applied and left to dry. Whilst waiting for the frame to dry the Raven skull was cast using fine detail plaster and the backing for the frame was embossed on 300 gsm cardstock using a spellbinders embossing folder. The backing was then painted with DecoArt Media paint in grey and when dry DecoArt Media Antiquing cream in black was applied then wiped back so it sat nicely in all the crevices to age the background. DecoArt Media Antiquing cream in grey was then applied to the whole of the frame and then wiped back to reveal all the lovely crackle on the frame and the a Coat Of DecoArt Media Matte Varnish applied all over the frame to seal. The Raven skull was then given two coats of DecoArt Traditions Acrylic paint in warm white and when dry a was of DecoArt Media Raw Umber was applied to highlight all the crevices to age the skull. A frame and a centrepiece to attach the skull was then die-cut and given an aged appearance and then attached to the backboard. Finally the skull was attached to the centrepiece and three mini dominoes were glued together and attached either side to the bottom of the frame to create feet. An enjoyable project and quite pleased how this turned out.
Front View of Shrine.

                                                        Side Angle View of Shrine.

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Hugs Fiona.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Macabre Monday- DEJA-VU DOO

The  theme for this weeks challenge is:
DEJA-VU DOO - reuse a previous image, technique, paper, etc. that you recently used, but in a new way. I decided to alter a picture with embossed cardstock. The new way was to add paint techniques to the embossed cardstock instead of leaving as is.


I started with a fish picture I picked up on sale. Didn't like the fish but loved the raised frame effect. I gave this a base coat of DecoArt  Traditions Acryic paint in black. Once dry I applied DecoArt Media Antiquing crème in Patina and once dry wiped back so it sat nicely in all the nooks and crannies of the frame. This was then given a coat of DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Varnish to seal.

                                                                   Fish Picture before.

I then embossed a piece of 300gsm cardstock which was cut and measured to fit the frame. Ran through my ebosser and then painted with DecoArt Media Acrylics using a technique by Andy Skinner which can be found here:

Whilst the background was drying I altered a wooden skull to be the main focus of the piece. I applied DecoArt Media Cracle paste to the skull and once dry gave a coat of DecoArt Media Antiquing crème in black and wiped back to define all of the lovely cracks. I then sealed with DecoArt Media Ultra Matte varnish. I die-cut an embellishment for the forehead of the skull using a spellbinders die and gave the same treatment as the base of the frame. Attached to the centre of the skull to finish.  Voilla Finished.

                                                               Finished Frame.

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Hugs Fiona.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Time for a Tipple using New Media Line from DecoArt.

 A quick little project using the new Media Line from DecoArt. I decided to alter a little hip flask using a technique demonstrated by Andy Skinner and can be found here :

A great little technique which is quick and easy to do. After measuring the body of the flask, 300gsm cardstock was embossed using my Ebosser. The technique was then applied. Once all was dry the body of the flask was given a coat of DecoArt Deco-Page and the reverse of the cardstock also to give some tooth and allowed to dry. Once dry another coat of DecoArt Deco-Page was applied to the reverse of the cardstock and attached to the hip flask body. To finish a gear and clock hand was strategically applied and Timepiece charms hung from the neck of the flask. Hey Presto job done.


                                                  HIP FLASK PRIOR TO ALTERING.

                                                       HIP FLASK ANGLED VIEW.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Macabre Monday- Alien Abduction

                                         For our new challenge, we are going a bit SciFi
Not our usual genre of choice, but after a moment of
brainstorming, we found that we do enjoy a good
space odyssey in the dungeon every once in a while.

Alien Abduction/Invasion 

If silver flying saucers and gray men aren't to your liking,
consider the following films for your inspiration:
Mars Attacks
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Planet of the Vampires
Strange Invaders
Day of the Triffids
Night of the Creeps
They Live (my personal favorite)
The Thing
The Blob
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

See? Science Fiction can be scary and entertaining!
The theme for the challenge is Alien Abduction and is one of my favourites as I simply love the Alien Franchise Movies. I decided to alter a box to keep my ever growing collection of stencils in. As I love all things DecoArt I decided to use some of their new mixed Media range and I must say I am in love.


First off I gave the box a coat of DecoArt media fluid acrylic in carbon black ( a little goes an awful long way ) Once dry I applied a technique from Andy Skinners online class The Book of Ruination as this closely resembles alien Skin. Whilst waiting for this to dry I cast my Alien pod and Head molds using finecast plaster. The columns and crouching Alien were then cast using techniques learnt in Andy Skinners online class The Outcasts. The box front was then given a wash with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Phthalo Green Blue. You only need the tiniest amount as the fluid acrylics are so highly pigmented with colour. The box front and side panels were then Stencilled with Andy Skinners Evolution stencil ( the lines were just what I was looking for design wise) using Media Modelling Paste. Once dry the sides were given another coat of the media fluid acrylic in black. After drying the stencil was then placed again and DecoArt Metallic Lustre in Black Shimmer applied.  The Alien Pods and Heads were then painted using DecoArt Media Liquid Glass Mixed with Media Fluid Acrylic to give a glossy coat to the Pods, Heads, columns and crouching Alien ( Slimy Suckers). Once dry DecoArt Metallic lustre in Black Shimmer was applied to all the raised areas.  These were then all attached to the box in a pleasing manner. Finally to finish Decoart Multi surface satin acrylic paint in neon green was added to DecoArt Media Liquid Glass and applied around the base of the pods. Job done. I love how this turned out.

                                                                 BOX FRONT.

                                                           BOX FONT FULL VIEW.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.
Hugs Fiona.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Macabre Monday #Eerie Inspiration

We're going to go easy on you guys (and our aching heads), 
with a photo inspiration challenge, we like to call,
Eerie Inspiration.    
This collage photo should be able to coax your mojo to come out to play.
Interpret this as you'd like, it's purely for inspiration. 
There is no wrong way to do this challenge.
For my project I decided to alter one of those little book boxes. I started by giving it a coat of  DecoArt Americana Lamp Black acrylic paint. Once dry a technique learnt in Andy Skinners Book of Ruination Online Class was applied and once dry painted with DecoArt Traditions Burnt Umber. The spine of the book was also given a coat of DecoArt Traditions Raw Sienna and left to dry. Once completely dry the spine was given a touch of Decoart Dazzling metallics in Glorious Gold and the front of the book given a wash of Decoart Traditions Quinacrodone Gold. Once dry some dry brushing was applied to bring out the texture. A skull was then cast using techniques learnt in Andy Skinners online class The Outcasts. Once set and completely dry the skull was then painted using techniques learnt in Andy Skinners online class Timeworn Techniques. A back drop for the skull was diecut using a spellbinders die, painted and then aged. This was then applied to the front of the book and the skull applied on top. A coat of DecoArt spray Matt sealer was then applied to protect and preserve.
Skull Book Box Frnt.

                                                          Skull Book Box Angle View.

                                                         Skull Book Box Side View.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope you will come play with us in the dungeon over at Haunted Design House.
Hugs Fiona.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Macabre Monday-666 The Number of the Beast Week 2.

Yes, you read the title correctly.
We are celebrating how close we are to 666 followers of
our quaint little, dark sided challenge blog here.
There are now 666 + 1 beasties who follow our blog! Wow!
Thank you to everyone who stops by, comments, and even dares to
play with us. We appreciate you all, and look forward to spreading
the word of the "dark artist", to all who will listen. 
Join us, if you dare!

So to truly celebrate, we are having a 
Number of the Beast 
themed challenge this fortnight.  

Hey! Where is everybody?
Did some devil horns scare everyone away?
So far only one of you has been brave enough to play with us
for this challenge.
Now not to mess up her gig here, but we have LOTS of
marvelously macabre prizes to share with the winners of this
challenge. If there is only one winner, she gets it all!
I'm talking about free digis from Smeared Ink, a creepy grab bag from
me (Creepy Glowbugg), handmade items and goodies from the Minions,
a killer digi from Delicious Darkness, plus extra schtuff still to be determined.

Bring out yer beasties and yer monsties! You could even use the number
six (or multiple sixes) in your project, or make an Iron Maiden project as well.
It's up to you. Interpret the theme as you like, but remember to keep it
creepy, dark, Gothic, Steampunk, or Hallowe'en in nature. 
So onto my little contribution. As many of my close friends know I am a Mahoosive Iron Maiden fan. I have been following this group around since the early seventies and they just get better with age. I decided to create a devilishly little notebook. I started out by measuring some 300gsm cardstock to cover the notebook. This was then embossed using a spellbinders 3d embossing folder and glued to the front and back covers of the notebook.The covers were then given a couple of coats of DecoArt Lamp Black Acrylic paint and allowed to dry. I then cast three Eddie Heads ( Iron Maidens Mascot Eddie the Head ) using techniques learnt in Andy Skinners Outcasts online Workshop. Once dry these were then given a coat of DecoArt Americana Lamp Black Acrylic paint and once dry, drybrushed using DecoArt Americana Dazzling Metallics acrylic paint in silver to give the effect of Pewter. A circle mount was cut from chipboard and painted and my Eddies were strategically placed. Chipboard number 6's three of course were then cut and painted with DecoArt Americana Acrylic paint in True Red and strategically placed in between the Eddie's. This was then attached to the front cover of the notebook.  couple of coats of DecoArt  spray sealer/finisher in matte was then applied to the whole ook to seal and protect which also leaves a soft sheen finish. There you have it.
The Number of the Beast Notebook. 

Hope you will join us over at Haunted Design House and take part in this special challenge as there are some awesome prizes to be had.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read.
Hugs Fiona.